WP1. Project management (UPV + all)

Main objectives: Administrative management; coordination of activities, monitoring of progress, communication with the EC

WP2. Synthesis and development of bioactive probes and molecular gates (UPV-IDM)

Main objectives: synthesis and characterisation of different active substances and molecular gates

WP3. Development of substrate materials and integration of active molecules (AMPLIFICATION SUBSTRATES) (IST-ID)

Main objectives: fabrication of unpatterned and patterned substrates based on porous materials, integration of WP2 probes, lab validation

WP4. Development of LSPR substrates, PHONGATE CHIP, and sensing module integration (UPV-NTC)

Main objectives: fabrication of plasmonic structures and integration with WP· developed materials, development and integration of microfluidic stages, sensing module integrated/packaging

WP5. Development sample extraction methods and techniques (FIS)

Main objectives: Virus and food sample preparation, validation with microfluidic and read-out systems

WP6. Readout platform design and development - testing at lab (TRL4) (MUL)

Main objectives: Read-out platform design and lab interrogation test with real samples and photongate chips

WP7. PHOTONGATE platform testing in relevant environments (DTU)

Main objectives: Final evaluation of the PHODPRINT integrated photonic system

WP8. Dissemination and use of knowlegment, exploitation standarization (UPV + all)

Main objectives: Ensure the dissemination, communication of relevant project resuslts. Ensure the proper exploitation of the PHOODPRINT technology, contribution to standards